The Treasurer & Vice Treasurer

– Treasurer


Born in 1989 and having grown up in the north of Bavaria (Germany), I decided quite early that I didn’t want to stay there my whole life. This is why I enrolled in a French-German double degree in Political and Social Sciences after finishing school in 2009. Ever since I am moving every year between Bordeaux (France) and Stuttgart (Germany). Just before coming to Luxembourg I spent 6 month in Cluj (Romania) and enjoyed life there as an ERASMUS Student. Now the traineeship at EUROSTAT is the perfect opportunity for me to find out, what I would like to do once I have finished my studies (yes, there is still my master’s thesis waiting for me). In my free time I like traveling, cooking, reading as well as yoga and swimming.


– Vice Treasurer


The world is a better place since 1992 – at least my mom thinks so. Having been born and raised in the city of Coimbra (PORTUGAL), I decided to take my Economics major there, mainly due to its famous student life. However, soon I felt the need of gathering different experiences, seeking new places and new souls – so I engaged in a summer school in International Relations in the amazing city of London and went one semester to Prague to be just another happy Erasmus student. However the most challenging experience for me was my 6-month journey to Africa, where I volunteered on the field of microfinance. Now I am back to civilization, working as a trainee for DG ECFIN, in the lovely city of Luxembourg! Next steps? Time will tell.



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