The President & Vice President

– President


Having had a crazy life these past 28 years, I think I will keep this short. I am born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, then Yugoslavia. I *left* the war when I was six years old and lived in Germany for six years. My family went back to Sarajevo in 1998 to try their luck in their *new* country. War-thorn and difficult, we did not make it long and decided to *take off* to Sweden in 2000, where my parents live since. I myself finished an International Administration Bachelor and a Translation between Swedish and German Master. Since 2009 I am working at the UNICTY (no way I will write it out, google it!) as a recruiter and as I have always been curious about the work of a translator, I decided to embrace this new challenge in Luxembourg to explore the possibility of being a translator after the UNICTY closes in 2015! I am a football and food maniac. Voila!


Ilaria CAPRA
– Vice President


Born in Turin (Italy) in 1986, I spent there the first 20 years of my life. I started studying languages, then went for an EVS in Peniche, (PT) and changed to a Bachelor in Development Cooperation in Turin, with one year Erasmus in Lisbon. After working few months in this in Benin, I got accepted in the Agris Mundus Programme (Master of Sciences in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture for Development), one year in Copenhagen (DK) and one in Montpellier (FR). When I finished, I still felt I needed to know the field and I went to Australia, with a Working Holiday Visa. There I lived a simple and fun life in Ecovillages in the tropical rainforest, with people that live with almost nothing and think that it is a privilege to have a snake visiting their room (I had one :P). So I learned more about Permaculture, community gardens, sustainable lifestyle, fishing, astrology and crazy ideas and views about this messy world of ours. My interests include permaculture gardening and capoeira. Now travelling is not an interest for me, but an addiction: I would like to stop but I don’t know how to! Tips?



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