The Stage Committee

The Stage Committee is the coordinating unit of all Subcommittees.
We keep in touch via the spokespersons every Subcommittee has assigned. The Stage Committee has decided to divide the coordination of the Subcommittees.
This is the division:

– Ilaria: Communication and Trips
– Ana: Party and Charity
– Regina: Career and Culture
– Dijana: Go Green and Sports

Further, we are aiming at establishing contact with the Stage Committee in Brussels to see in what way we can collaborate with them. Preferably, we would like to set up an exchange, where we are invited to Brussels for events and where we invite them to come over and visit this beautiful city of ours.

We also have, thanks to Sara and Christos, the liaison traines, been able to get in touch with the Court of Justice trainee coordinator and with some people at the Parliament. We are aiming at expanding our network and to create a collaboration with the other EU institutions in Luxembourg.

The Stage Committee



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