Communication SC

Welcome to the Communication SC’s page,

Visiting this blog, you already discovered our first achievement! We engaged in the creation of this blog, and will update it regularly during our 5-month traineeship. We post about upcoming parties, activities and other events organized by the Subcommittees. Visit the ABOUT page for more information.

This blog, however, is not the only responsability we have. Another important task of our SC is the composition and printing of the Who is Who book, which you will receive at the end of the traineeship. In this book, every trainee will be featured. More information coming soon.

So basically, our SC is creating a virtual and tangible memory of our traineeship experience. Thanks to us, later in life you, when a sense of nostalgia hits you, you will be able to browse the blog again, and flip the pages of our booklet, thinking, “What a wonderful time we had!”

Paula, Kasia, Ilaria, Sebastian, Nienke

– Spokesperson: Kasia Sawicka (OP):


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