Career SC

Who are we?

Even if we have different backgrounds and different ideas about our “dream job”, we are a group of people rather curious about the labour market and eager to find the professional option that best suits our expectations after this internship.

Our Philosophy

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.
– Confucious

What we do?

Basically we would like to explore the different work opportunities after the traineeship and to share our discoveries with the rest of the trainees.

We are here as well to provide support with the CV/cover letter making process, as we understand that this is a fundamental and not always easy step in any job search.

We have planned to create shared folders with these documents in order to receive feedback and advice from other trainees as well as to contribute with our own knowledge to enrich the documents of our colleagues.

To contact us

For any question, idea, suggestion, concern, curiosity, present or future projects, please contact our spokesperson (Marta Onieva, email in the address book) who will be very glad to take care of all of your requests.


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