Party SC


Who we are:

The Party SC is the Subcommittee in charge of organizing parties and other (nocturnal) leisure activities for all the EC Trainees, as well as any other fellow trainees who wish to join in the fun. The SC is composed of 5 members working in different EC Institutions placed across Luxembourg.


Yvonne Urzì from Malta – Trainee Translator at DGT, Jean Monnet Building (Kirchberg)

Ana Luìs Andrade from Portugal – Trainee at DG ECFIN, Drosbach (Gasperich)

Andrea Servalli from Italy – Trainee at the PO, Gasperich (Gasperich)

Kasia Sawicka from Poland – Trainee at the PO, Fischer (Gasperich)

Raquel Dias from Portugal – Trainee at EUROSTAT, Joseph Bech Building (Kirchberg)

What we do:

Our work consists in organizing big parties for the group, in order to make this experience an unforgettable one (not only from the professional point of view!), but also to raise money for our group and for charity.

Our main tasks are: thinking and actualizing fun and original party ideas and themes; looking for suitable venues to host our events; meeting and negotiating with potential collaborators; promoting the events by word of mouth, via e-mail and by distributing posters and fliers; trying to involve as many people as possible!

We also have our own Facebook page:     to keep you updated on our upcoming events.

The Parties:

The idea is to plan at least one big party each month, with different themes and in different venues, and of course to involve as many people as possible: all the trainees in our group, but also friends, colleagues, room mates, friends of friends, partners, etc. Anyone who is up for some fun is more than welcome!

Our first Party – the SPRING PARTY – took place on Friday 28th March, at Epic Club and it was just the first one of many more to come. Stay tuned!

Fund raising and charity:

The money raised from our parties goes to our Stage Committee Bank Account, and will be used for any activity involving the whole group which needs to be sponsored with the common fund. 15% of it however, will be donated to charity, to the organization(s) chosen by our dear friends and colleagues from the Charity Subcommittee. The remaining money at the end of the stage will be used to sponsor our final trip, which we hope will be attended by many!

Hope to see you all at our next Party!

Yvonne Urzì – Party SC


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