Just a few more days…

Dear co-trainees,

Sadly, the end of our 5 month traineeship is rapidly approaching.
Last weekend, we already had our great goodbye weekend, the final overnight trip to Esch sur Sure. The weather was fantastic, we had a picnic by and a swim in the lake, we went canoeing, had ice creams and spent the night at the youth hostel in Lultzhausen. On Sunday we visited Esch sur Sure, and unexpectedly returned hitchiking (no trainees were harmed in this event) to the hostel! Buses in Luxembourg (and especially the ones on Sundays are not to be trusted!) Or we just should have looked better at the schedule… 😉 The very last group of motivated trainees stayed for an interesting and relaxing trip on the solar boat, after which the 2 bravest among us took a final dip in the water 🙂


trip 2

On another good note, there are still some nice events coming up!

  • On Thursday 24/07, we have the farewell dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant Manso, financed with the money raised!
  • On Saturday/Sunday, we invite you to go to the Medieval festival in Vianden (26/07 – 03/08), and enjoy the views on the chairlift.
  • On Sunday evening (27/07, 19u), you are invited to Gloria’s all you can eat (not so) veggie dinner (7 euro) at Bouneweger Stuff, close to the train station.
    Note: Please use the voting buttons in the e-mail you received. Also the menu will depend on it: more people= more variety! Invite your friends and inform Gloria.
  • On Friday 25/07 The Party SC plans a final party at Epic! The deal is as follows: drinks are half price until midnight, no entrance tickets needed!

Have a nice week and hope to see you all at the events!

The Communication SC


Casino Party

The Party SC presents….cat
The European Commission’s Party Subcommittee has the pleasure of inviting you to the CASINO PARTY !!
This night is going to be about Glamour, Games, Cocktails and serious partying!
You can buy your entrance for 10 €, which will also give you two free drinks, including a very special Cat’s Cocktail! …

Dress that classy casual look you’ve always wanted to pull off 😉

Let your fellow trainees, flatmates and friends know what’s happening on Saturday! You can even invite your whole unit if you want to, including your boss! European Commission trainees’ won’t miss this party for the world and we are counting on you too!!!


ANA Andrade: 661 920 227 – works in Drosbach/Gaasperich.
ANDREA Servalli: 691 90 80 90 – works in Gaasperich.
KASIA Sawicka: 691 846 157- works in la Gare area.
RAQUEL Dias: 691 875 604 – works in Eurostat, Kirchberg.
YVONNE Urzi: 621 663 178 – works in Jean Monnet, Kirchberg.

 We can easily go to the centre as well.

 See you on Saturday!! 🙂

The Party SC




The Party SC’s first party !!!

The PARTY SC proudly presents: the SPRING PARTY!


Date:  Friday 28th March
Time:  22h-…
Venue: Epic Lounge, 8 rue de la Loge, Luxembourg
Dress Code:  BRIGHT colors
Music: Commercial (different genres)
Tickets: €10 (including x2 free drinks and ALL drinks at half price till 1:00)

To get your ticket, contact any Party SC member: Yvonne, Ana, Andrea, Raquel, Katerzina