Final Trip: Esch sur Sure – Practical info

The weather is looking great for a weekend by the lake!
Find here all the practical info you need. Click to enlarge and print.
See below for some wonderful pics of what we are going to see!

Final Trip info

The train leaves at 9:15, please come earlier!
Before visiting Esch, we should also be able to leave our luggage at the reception of the hostel.

Esch-sur-Sure castle

Esch-sur-Sure castle

Esch-sur-Sure dam

Esch-sur-Sure dam

Insenborn solar boat

Insenborn solar boat

Lultzhausen Youth Hostel

Lultzhausen Youth Hostel



the lake

The lake



Who is Who Book

Hello everyone,
This is a message for the Who is Who Book.
In order to keep track of the SC’s, the language classes and its members, we created this document.
Just add your name if you are a member/spokesperson of a group. We already inserted some names to get you started.
If a SC/language class is missing, feel free to add.
If you signed up for a group at the beginning of the traineeship, but you don’t feel that you are still a member, you can leave out your name.

Note: due to security reasons (as anyone can access this blog), the link is in our Facebook page. If you don’t have Facebook, contact Paula for the link!

Ps: if your SC didn’t sent us a text/photo yet, please do it asap, the book has to go in print very soon. If cannot find a moment to gather all your members for a group pic, you could do it on the 11th in Brussels.

The Communication SC

Green Tip of the Week

A week after the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2014, which took place from 23 to 27 June 2014, the Go Green Subcommittee is eager to share with you some useful tips to improve your daily energy efficiency.
Here are our concise but handy tips:


  • Do not overstuff your fridge; it’s a widespread misconception that an overstuffed fridge is an energy efficient fridge, but ¾ full is the maximum and saves the most energy.
  • Do not leave the doors of your fridge open and do not put hot meals inside.
  • Switch off your appliances when you are not using them instead of leaving them on standby.
  • Use an old-fashioned drying rack or clothesline to save the energy instead of putting your clothes in the drying machine. It’s not only more energy efficient way of drying your clothes, it also doesn’t take a toll on the health of your clothes.

If you are looking for more tips how to save energy or improve your drying strategy, check out these two websites:  and

The Go Green SC



Yes, it’s almost weekend again!
Who is watching the world cup games this weekend and who are you cheering for?

These are the public viewings for the next FIFA games:

  • 2, 3 and 7 July –  Place Clairefontaine,
  • 4 and 5 July – Place de la Constitution.

More info here.

Source picture:

Breaking News

We have just learned that JOANNA will be the new liaison trainee for the October session!

Congratulations Joanna, as you being part of the Trips SC we know that you have excellent organization skills, which will definitely come in handy for this task!

To be continued….