Go Green SC

The Go Green Subcommittee of the March14 traineeship strives to create more awareness of key green issues such as: resource efficiency, conscious consuming, climate change, pollution and waste.


While many of these topics are often discussed in a dire context, we will try to avoid preaching about how poorly humans treat planet Earth. Instead, we will concentrate on the many possibilities for improvement, which exist, and the fun aspects of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. In the course of the coming 3.5 months, we will:

  • Organize a vegetarian cooking workshop
  • Hold a movie night with healthy snacks
  • Join the Zero Plastic Week and collect plastic waste
  • Visit the community garden in Luxembourg and learn about gardening
  • Challenge you to participate in our special Green Pub Quiz.

Each week we will publish a Green Tip of the Week, which will help you prepare for the Green Pub Quiz. In 3.5 months’ time, we hope to see the March14 trainees greener, healthier and more aware of how they can contribute to a better environment.

Green Greetings from:

Dijana, Ilaria, Kina, Noemi, Sebastian, Yvonne

Useful links:



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