Last day of the traineeship…

the-endIndeed, that’s all… the five month traineeship at the European Commission has come to an end. Some will return to their home country, some will stay in Luxembourg, others will keep on travelling to other cities… In any case, we have gained another life experience upon which we can continue to build our future. We wish you all the best in your lives, and just a bit of luck for your professional career, because with determination, motivation and hard work we will get there!


We hope that once in a while you will return to this blog or have a nostalgic look at the Who is Who Book, to remember what a great time we had here!
There is no doubt that the foundations of life-long friendships have been laid here, so let’s keep in touch and visit our new friends all over Europe!

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Ce n’est qu’un au revoir,

The Communication SC.

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Veggie dinner recipe book

Hey all!

IMAG3841Do you remember when the Go Green/Food SC had a delicious vegetarian dinner at Bouneweger Stuff?



Now, the vegetarian dinner recipe book is ready (click the link to see/save/print the book)!
For those who attended the dinner, thanks for coming, for enjoying the food and contributing to the final Stage Committee budget.

Enjoy the book, cook the food and eat plenty!

The Go Green Subcommittee

Just a few more days…

Dear co-trainees,

Sadly, the end of our 5 month traineeship is rapidly approaching.
Last weekend, we already had our great goodbye weekend, the final overnight trip to Esch sur Sure. The weather was fantastic, we had a picnic by and a swim in the lake, we went canoeing, had ice creams and spent the night at the youth hostel in Lultzhausen. On Sunday we visited Esch sur Sure, and unexpectedly returned hitchiking (no trainees were harmed in this event) to the hostel! Buses in Luxembourg (and especially the ones on Sundays are not to be trusted!) Or we just should have looked better at the schedule… 😉 The very last group of motivated trainees stayed for an interesting and relaxing trip on the solar boat, after which the 2 bravest among us took a final dip in the water 🙂


trip 2

On another good note, there are still some nice events coming up!

  • On Thursday 24/07, we have the farewell dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant Manso, financed with the money raised!
  • On Saturday/Sunday, we invite you to go to the Medieval festival in Vianden (26/07 – 03/08), and enjoy the views on the chairlift.
  • On Sunday evening (27/07, 19u), you are invited to Gloria’s all you can eat (not so) veggie dinner (7 euro) at Bouneweger Stuff, close to the train station.
    Note: Please use the voting buttons in the e-mail you received. Also the menu will depend on it: more people= more variety! Invite your friends and inform Gloria.
  • On Friday 25/07 The Party SC plans a final party at Epic! The deal is as follows: drinks are half price until midnight, no entrance tickets needed!

Have a nice week and hope to see you all at the events!

The Communication SC

Green tip of the Week

Working in the agency for Consumers, Health and Food, I have learned that consumers have many rights.

But we should be aware that consumers also have an important social responsibility.

Not everybody is aware of the huge power that we have when we decide whether to buy a product, or which brand to choose. Every time we take money out of our wallet, we are letting the corporate world know what we appreciate, what we want and we are encouraging them to adopt a specific type of behaviour.

When we go for the cheapest option, without verifying the quality of the produces used, or other ethical issues such as workers or environmental impacts, we are letting them know that no matter how much they will play the “bad guy”, we will still go for them.

On the contrary, when we choose small local producer, or we buy organic / bio products, or fair trade, we are stating that we are concerned and that we are supporting the ones who are doing good things for our society and environment.

But how do I know which products I should or shouldn’t buy if I want my voice to be heard?

On this website, you have the list of the brands to avoid and, more importantly, the reason for it (you might agree or not with all of them):

Even when you decide to avoid some brands, it is not always easy because of the multinational system when the big brands own many others and sell their products with the other label. So here there is a map of brands that own brands, to help you finding your way around!


So from now on, you will be aware of whom you want to help when you use your wallet!

The Go Green SC