Green tip of the week: How to Green Clean Your Fruits and Vegetables the Right Way!

Many people don’t give their produce a second thought after they buy it from the store – just putting the food away and then eating it when you get hungry. But there’s a step in the middle that could save you money and unnecessary injury.

Your fruits and veggies have been touched by a lot of hands. It was gardened, it was harvested, it’s been shipped, it’s been packaged, it’s been delivered again, it’s been placed on the shelves at the market – not to mention all the people that picked up that food for a second and then put it back on the shelf. All those hands have germs & bacteria. And bacteria and other cultures literally start consuming your produce at the microscopic level — causing your fruits and veggies to “go bad” earlier than they have to. Just remember to GREEN-CLEAN your produce today! Here’s how :



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