Celebrate Duke’s Day!

untitledOne of the largest celebrations ever to be hosted in the Grand Duchy is fast approaching: June 23rd will mark Luxembourg’s National Day!

The main (nocturnal) activities are highlighted and celebrated on the eve of the 22nd in Luxembourg City itself, while Monday the 23rd, marks the official festive program (Military Parade, gunshots, etc.).

On Sunday evening, Luxembourg City transforms into one of the largest open-air discos across the Grand Region. As DJs and musicians create a vibrant party atmosphere, you will also be able to tease your culinary senses across the city at food stalls.

For those prefering a more somber celebration, they might choose to follow the torchlight procession in the vicinity of the Palace and Place Guillaume at 22h, followed by a large firework show illuminating the Parc Dräi Eechelen (places to see the firework: Boulevard Vic. Thorn, Boulevard Ulveling, upper part of Côte d’Eich, Montée de Clausen, Pfaffenthal and Rue de Trèves.

Experience Luxembourg personally on this extraordinary weekend!

Source & more info here.

 Check the complete programme here.

Also interesting: on Sunday there will be extra (night) buses, yay! Check the timetables for your bus here.


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