Free Permaculture workshop and visit at the Community Gardens this Saturday

The Green SC was trying to organize a visit of the Luxembourg Transition Gardens (for trainees!), but the transition gardeners have come up with an idea better than that: why not try our gardening skills and participate in a permaculture workshop?


So, here is the official invitation:

 PERMACULTURE ACTION DAY on Saturday 14th of June!

Interested to learn, give a hand, chat, share lunch? Meet us at the transition garden on rue Séjourné in the Pétrusse Valley from 11:00 onwards.
We will build a herb spiral and (maybe) a keyhole garden.

You may bring a dish or drinks along for a shared lunch.

The transition gardeners

(The event will depend on the wheather forecast – we will confirm two days before)

 go green garden picnic

If you’re wondering…What the heck is an herb spiral??

The herb spiral is a permaculture gardening method that uses nature to its full potential. Gravity allows the water to seep through the levels meaning that the plants at the top get full drainage while the ones at the bottom may reside in a simple bog. It also gives your herbs shady spots with varying degrees: the herbs that need full-sun can be grown in those positions while more shade loving plants can be located on the opposite side. The herb spiral also makes Companion planting and Integrated pest management easy!

Another benefit of a herb spiral is the ease in which one can access the plants whether it be to pick or to plant and maintain them. The spiral doesn’t take too much space and its varying heights means that you’re not always bending over – much better for the knees and back.

For gardeners living with limited space, a herb spiral may be a good method to incorporate some of your favourite herbs into the garden. It winds its way from the base into the centre perched more than a metre above ground level giving enough room to nearly all your herbs.

15 very good reasons to build a herb spiral:

How to make a herb spiral:

go green garden herb spiral go green garden keyohole


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