Roda de capoeira de angola: you’re all invited!


When: Tuesday 1st of July from 19.00 to 21.00 (brazilian time: it might start a bit later than the stated time!)

Where: 10B rue de bourgogne, Beggen

More info:

If you are curious about capoeira and would like just to see once what it is, without actually trying, this is your chance 🙂




Green tip of the week: How to Green Clean Your Fruits and Vegetables the Right Way!

Many people don’t give their produce a second thought after they buy it from the store – just putting the food away and then eating it when you get hungry. But there’s a step in the middle that could save you money and unnecessary injury.

Your fruits and veggies have been touched by a lot of hands. It was gardened, it was harvested, it’s been shipped, it’s been packaged, it’s been delivered again, it’s been placed on the shelves at the market – not to mention all the people that picked up that food for a second and then put it back on the shelf. All those hands have germs & bacteria. And bacteria and other cultures literally start consuming your produce at the microscopic level — causing your fruits and veggies to “go bad” earlier than they have to. Just remember to GREEN-CLEAN your produce today! Here’s how :


Successful vegetarian dinner by the Go Green SC

The Green SC and the Food SC would like to thank everybody for participating in the vegetarian dinner!

The Go Green SC together with the Food SC organized an alternative buffet at Bouneweger Stuff in Bonnevoie on Sunday 22nd June. In an amazing team effort, Ilaria, Gloria, Kina and Dijana cooked for five hours alternative vegetarian dishes to present for the Food Lovers attending the buffet to eat, socialize and to get an alternative way of thinking about food. With the dishes the ingredients list was presented, so that everyone can cook the dish if they liked it. A cool receipe-PDF will be distributed to all trainees.

The pictures speak for themselves. The food was amazing (even five other people from the cafe enjoyed it!), the company perfect, the weather Gods liked us that day, football was on and some of us tried an old European version of bowling. There were full bellies, loads of laughter and some amazing pictures.

A big thank you for participating and enjoying this evening with us. We hope to have given you an alternative way of looking at food and that you in the future will cook these dishes 🙂

The Go Green SC

Here’s the 4 fabulous cooks:


And here the delicious food and a lot of people having fun:

IMAG3836 IMAG3821 Nuova cartella Nuova cartella1

Nuova cartella2

Festivals and socializing with trainees from Brussels this weekend

Once again we are looking forward to a weekend full of activities!

Most importantly, the trainees from Brussels are visiting Luxembourg and we finally have the opportunity to socialize a bit more with them:

Moreover, we have two festivals with a lot of concerts to choose from if you’re up for some music and dancing. Check out the programs here:

Celebrate Duke’s Day!

untitledOne of the largest celebrations ever to be hosted in the Grand Duchy is fast approaching: June 23rd will mark Luxembourg’s National Day!

The main (nocturnal) activities are highlighted and celebrated on the eve of the 22nd in Luxembourg City itself, while Monday the 23rd, marks the official festive program (Military Parade, gunshots, etc.).

On Sunday evening, Luxembourg City transforms into one of the largest open-air discos across the Grand Region. As DJs and musicians create a vibrant party atmosphere, you will also be able to tease your culinary senses across the city at food stalls.

For those prefering a more somber celebration, they might choose to follow the torchlight procession in the vicinity of the Palace and Place Guillaume at 22h, followed by a large firework show illuminating the Parc Dräi Eechelen (places to see the firework: Boulevard Vic. Thorn, Boulevard Ulveling, upper part of Côte d’Eich, Montée de Clausen, Pfaffenthal and Rue de Trèves.

Experience Luxembourg personally on this extraordinary weekend!

Source & more info here.

 Check the complete programme here.

Also interesting: on Sunday there will be extra (night) buses, yay! Check the timetables for your bus here.

The Food Truck


If you are looking for a new and more exciting food experience than your regular canteen, I present to you: the food truck! On Fridays it comes to Rue Jean Monnet between 11u30 and 14u, so especially interesting for those working near Auchan and Kirchberg.

Their restaurant can be found in Rives the Clausen.

Find more info here.

Have a good day!