Long weekend is approaching…

Hello dear trainees,

This will be a short working week, we can start to relax as from Wednesday evening, yay!

If you are still looking for something different to do, we can suggest to take a look at Neumünster Abbey (Gründ) this Wednesday evening and Thursday during the day. They are celebrating the 10th anyversary of the abbey’s inauguration with a lot of activities and performances.

“Inauguré en mai 2004 après dix années de travaux et situé au cour des vieux quartiers, sur un itinéraire classé patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, le Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster ( CCRN ) s’est vite imposé dans le paysage culturel luxembourgeois.

10 ans de dialogue, de découvertes, d’échanges et de rencontres dans le tempo des plus prestigieux musiciens

et interprètes, sous les vibrations des plus belles plumes, des plus grands penseurs, d’ici et d’ailleurs…

Ça se fête !”


Wednesday evening programme: https://www.ccrn.lu/en/Culture/Offre-diversifiee-Calendrier-shop-visites/Programmation/Autres/10-ans-au-coeur-du-Grund!-Wednesday-28-May-2014-9-00-00-pm

Thursday programme: https://www.ccrn.lu/en/Culture/Offre-diversifiee-Calendrier-shop-visites/Programmation/Autres/10e-anniversaire-10-ans-au-coeur-du-Grund!-Thursday-29-May-2014-11-00-00-am

We hope you have a great long weekend, and if you have suggestions for activitities, feel free to communicate them via the blog!

The Communication SC

ps: don’t forget to send us your questionnaire for the who is who book, now you will have lots of time to think about your answers 😉


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