Casino Party

The Party SC presents….cat
The European Commission’s Party Subcommittee has the pleasure of inviting you to the CASINO PARTY !!
This night is going to be about Glamour, Games, Cocktails and serious partying!
You can buy your entrance for 10 €, which will also give you two free drinks, including a very special Cat’s Cocktail! …

Dress that classy casual look you’ve always wanted to pull off 😉

Let your fellow trainees, flatmates and friends know what’s happening on Saturday! You can even invite your whole unit if you want to, including your boss! European Commission trainees’ won’t miss this party for the world and we are counting on you too!!!


ANA Andrade: 661 920 227 – works in Drosbach/Gaasperich.
ANDREA Servalli: 691 90 80 90 – works in Gaasperich.
KASIA Sawicka: 691 846 157- works in la Gare area.
RAQUEL Dias: 691 875 604 – works in Eurostat, Kirchberg.
YVONNE Urzi: 621 663 178 – works in Jean Monnet, Kirchberg.

 We can easily go to the centre as well.

 See you on Saturday!! 🙂

The Party SC





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