11/05: Transition picnic

Sunday 11th of May, 2014 (12h-16h)
Transition picnic at the Petrusse parc below rue Séjourné in Luxembourg-city

Share a meal with us and get to know the ecological community garden of TRANSITION TOWN LUXEMBOURG!

Bring your plate, knife and fork, a blanket if you have one, and a dish/drink to share if you want. Friends, family, supporters, musicians (and their instruments) are welcome!

The garden is located at rue Séjourné, in the Pétrusse Valley below Centre Convict. It is a space to socialise and share knowledge on ecological gardening. The community garden project was launched by TRANSITION TOWN LUXEMBOURG (http://transitiontown.lu/) on a plot from the city of Luxembourg. It is open to everyone who values the three ethical principles of permaculture: earth care, people care and fair share.

jardiins communautaires (2)– created by Ilaria

Note than on this day (11/05) there also is the Cyclo Femme event!


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