Green Tip of the Week

Let´s Clean Up Europe!


The Go Green SC would like to draw your attention to a Europe-wide annual clean-up day organized this year on the 10th of May: Let´s Clean Up Europe, an event of the European Week for Waste Reduction, tries to promote and to bring together several bottom-up initiatives and campaigns in order to tackle the littering problem in nature. Besides cleaning up a site that has been polluted by illegal dumping, it aims also at raising the awareness on the scale of litter and waste problems and at encouraging changes in behavior.

Participating is possible in 21 different European countries (see the list of coordinators here), unfortunately not in Luxembourg, since it already had its own clean up day called Grouss Botz on the 29th of March. But some of you might go home for the weekend in question, so why don´t you convince your friends and family to be active for a good cause on a sunny spring day?

Homework for next year´s event: Keep your eyes open for affected areas which could be your possible target sites for cleaning up in 2015.

For more information:


The Go Green SC


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