Sunday 6/04: Trip to Vianden


This Sunday (April, 6th) we’re going to visit the beautiful town of Vianden. It’s one of the main tourist destinations in Luxembourg. Vianden boasts a fairy-tale medieval castle, charming historic streets, the house of Victor Hugo, a museum of rustic arts and crafts and a museum of dolls and toys. Besides, there’s a network of walking trails leading through hills and forests and offering marvellous views on a picturesque valley. Tourists might also want to challenge themselves on a high rope course in the woods called ”Indian Forest”

The plan is to visit the castle first. Then, depending on your preferences, you can either have lunch at a restaurant or make a picnic on the grass and chill out in the sun. After that, some of you might decide to have a walk through the town’s streets, visit the museums, go hiking or have a go at the ”Indian Forest”. It’s all up to you.

Here you can find more practical information:

vianden correct

Travel planner:

Hope to see you all on Sunday,

The Trips SC


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