It’s no April’s fool…

While Europe is cracking the glass ceiling, Eva is cracking parking barriers. With her nose. Wait, what?

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon – not too hot, not too cold, just about right for a short trip on bikes. Our colleague from the Czech Unit, Eva and I decided to take advantage of the weather and ride over to Eurostat to have our lunch there. (Not that they had anything different from what was served in JMO on that day, but the food always tastes better on the other side of the fence.) We got the Commission bikes and started pedaling through parks and along various institutions. It was about 12.30, so the traffic was lazy and even though we had to cross complex crossroads, we did so with a perfect ease.

By and by, we got to the Coque. Talk about telling names… But I guess no one could have expected what happened then. So we are pedaling along a parking place, chatting about the traineeship with our colleague and simply enjoying being outside of our offices.  Luckily, someone had just validated their parking ticket, so the car barrier was up. I hit the pedals and squeezed my way along the car. With a fresh breeze in my hair and a sweet perfume of spring blossoms tickling my nose, I pondered on the beauty of Luxembourg.

CRASH! I was shaken out of my daydreaming by a cracking sound. I turn around to see Eva, wide-eyed, other people staring at her and a car barrier just hitting the ground 1.5 meters away from its usual position. Any second, I expect to see blood dripping from Eva’s head or heart-wringing cries announcing broken limbs. But no, in fact, she tells us she broke the barrier with her nose only and that she was not hurt at all. Just to make it very clear: The barrier did not break her nose, her nose broke the barrier. (Never, ever get in fight with Eva, if you know what I mean). Because she was the last of us, the barrier closed down on her when she was passing. After briefly assessing the harm done (a tiny scratch on her glasses and the broken barrier we didn’t know what to do about), we glanced around to see if there were any security cameras and – seeing there were none – continued our mission.

On our way back, we expected to see police cars and Luxembourgish TV, witness reports and all the hub… but actually, someone had already fixed the barrier and if I didn’t know what had happened before, I would never have suspected anything. So today, only a little scratch remains to speak volumes. I only wonder what other marvelous adventures Eva’s glasses have already seen.

                               Many things can be stopped by parking barriers, but not Eva.

A trainee…




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